I have channeled my passion for art into a successful career in graphic and Web design. An award-winning design student, I started my career with Image Communications before becoming part of the Odney team. Fast forward 10 years - I am now offering design under my own name.

I have experience in several areas of design including illustration, print, logo, 3D design and animation, flash animation, HTML 5, web design, digital banner & social media design, booth design, creative concepts, mixed media and display/package design. In addition to design I have experience in client branding, photo art direction, client presentations, video direction, and social media. After completing a degree in Communication Art and Design at Alexandria Technical College, I went on to earn an advanced Web design certificate.


I consider myself a serial hobbyist who picks up a hobby, pretends to master it and then moves on. I live with my wife Tanna, our 5 year old daughter Isolde, and our 2 year old daughter Ophelia.